Friday, August 9, 2019

The Impact of Social Media to the Business World Essay

The Impact of Social Media to the Business World - Essay Example This paper illustrates that today, one can send emails, talk through cell phones, send text messages and interact through the internet characterizing how the social media tools have redefined information. Some of the tactics a business can employ is by the creation of brand profiles on social networks. Social media has defined the way information about organizations and their product and services are shared. This is evident through the benefit that people get when they share information through mobile devices. Also, the people have a meaningful dialogue with the companies and are involved in the process of creating a satisfying product. It is apparent that social media has enabled a better insight into customers behavior and improved office productivity through internal networks. Social media has also improved conversation in organizations as the communication is no longer one-way. The multidimensional conversations have led to the involvement of many relevant parties. The platform p rovided by the social media has enabled companies to take advantage of word of mouth tactic. It is evident when people are connected on a global scale, and they get to interact with each other lives through online observation. The act of liking a company brand on Facebook has proved that it can spread quickly throughout different social media channels. This is because individuals tend to trust the opinions of their friends far more than a newspaper advert. The word of mouth comes into play in such situations. The result of these has been that millions of people review products and services through social media sites such as Youtube, the information is then shared and disseminated to other social media websites. The current trend is that the public depends on the social media to get the reviews of different products and services to enable them to make buying decisions. Due to this opportunity companies have created their own Youtube channels with branded videos of their products.

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