Thursday, August 8, 2019


REGULATION AND MANAGEMENT IN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY - Essay Example This implies that most people in the corporate cultures tend to thrive long within the industry by becoming emotionless. For instance, most corporates have manifested this personality when those individuals managing the corporates have failed to maintain the ethical standards. This has often benefited a few individuals who become rich while those at the bottom end up being thrown on the streets when the corporates begin a downward spiral. The corporate governance is in dire need of regulation if the rights of the citizenry, as well as the integrity of the state are to be maintained. This is particularly important due to the fact that psychopaths have a tendency to taint nearly all the circles that they come into when establishing a contact. This implies that psychopaths can taint the state too, which is charged with the responsibility of establishing the extent of ethical and legal limits of the corporate behavior. This contamination of the state may occur in myriad ways. For instance, the intense corporate lobbying, in addition to the financial donations that corporates tend to extend to the state among other spheres of social influence, they may sometimes influence those in charge of making and overseeing the implementation of the law. To fully understand the link that likens corporate governance to a psychopath, Ullman (2004) provides diagnostic criteria for the same. To begin with, he points out that just like a psychopath; corporates tend to fail to conform to the set social norms and regulations that pertain to the practicing lawful behavior. This is commonly indicated by their repeated acts that pose clear grounds of arrest. This is mainly manifested through the ability of corrupt corporations to find their ways into powerful and key areas of the state using ways that go beyond the social norms. Some of these ways include seeking loopholes in the law to establish their claims, stock shares manipulation

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