Sunday, August 11, 2019

Philosophy of the Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Philosophy of the Mind - Essay Example For example there is a reason why I go to school and this is because of a career in the future. The fact that a college graduate would have a better opportunity to have a career is the objective reason that is a universal truth in its most appropriate sense. The subjective is the more agent-relative reason wherein the reason why I want to finish college is to have a higher salary in the future career I hope to be able to get hold, or, it could just simply be for reason of the future career. This is relative and may be different according to each person but the more universal equation of a college degree as equivalent to a career is the more universal objective reason. In the case I will finish college and achieve a career is only incidental to the objective. Had any other person finished college, the principle would still apply. Nagel suggests that people perform actions according to what effects they would bring. The right circumstances compel people to be moved according to such re asons. This highlights the outcome as the ultimate reason in the performance of actions.

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