Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Management Public vs Private Employee Research Paper

Management Public vs Private Employee - Research Paper Example This essay stresses that the HR managers need to ensure that prior to assigning the new tasks, the employee is equipped with adequate knowledge regarding his new roles and goals. The employees must be provided with the necessary tools such as manuals, computers and other related job aids so that the jobs can be completed effectively. This paper makes a conclusion that the employees in the public sector also demand career development opportunities and promotion after certain period of time for the purpose of personal development. By paying attention towards the career development of the employee force, the employee as well as the employer will be capable of managing change in the structure of the employment opportunities. It is through career development that the companies can attract and hence retain the best people with the organisation as it assists the employer to recognize and to respond to the individual needs of the employees. The public sector can avail the scope of superior performance from the employees if due attention is paid towards the career development of the employees. The employees of the modern times generally prefer taking challenges and therefore are motivated when they are provided with challenging job opportunities. Therefore, the public sector employers need to take these factors into consi deration and also focus upon timely promotion of the employees. It can also make use of other reward systems in an organization in order to motivate the employees to work for the achievement of the goals of the organization.

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